Our customer promise

Our customer promise is at the heart of what we do. It has been developed together with customers and employees and provides us with a strong framework on which to build our future delivery programmes.

We continually measure our performance against our customer promise so that we can improve the range and quality of our services for our customers.

Delivering excellent services

  • We are easy to contact
  • We resolve queries 
  • We keep our promises
  • We demand the utmost professionalism from our people
  • We make moving home as easy as possible

Providing high quality homes

  • We build and maintain high quality homes to be proud of
  • We provide a range of homes for sale, rent and shared ownership
  • We make sure our homes are affordable and sustainable

Placing community at our heart

  • We listen and take account of the views of our customers
  • We involve you in the decisions that affect your community
  • We offer support and advice for you to live happy, safe, independent lives

Investing in neighbourhoods

  • We are committed to creating diverse, thriving neighbourhoods
  • We will keep your neighbourhoods clean, green and safe
  • We invest for the long term in the places where you live

Our 2018-19 annual report explains how we're delivering against our customer promise.