Our heritage

Orbit was formed in 1967 with a clear purpose; to provide good quality, affordable homes for people who could not afford to buy.

We are now well placed to drive growth across regions where there are high levels of sustainable demand for affordable housing.

More than 50 years on, Orbit is now one of the leading providers of affordable housing in the UK and we remain fully committed to our charitable purpose.

“Our aim was to provide accommodation for people who could not afford to buy their homes.”

Jim Lord, founding member

1960 - 1978

Orbit is established in 1967, founded in Coventry by a small group of professionals with knowledge and expertise in the development of properties. We open our first co-ownership scheme in Coventry in 1968. Ten years later in 1978 we open our first sheltered scheme for people over 55. Tanyard Farm in Coventry still stands today and remains in our ownership.

1984 - 1986

In 1984, our portfolio had grown to 5,000 homes. In 1986, Orbit Care & Repair launched, helping our customers in Coventry and Suffolk over the age of 60 to improve, repair or adapt their homes.

1991 - 1998

In 1991 we reach the 10,000 home milestone and in doing so become the 15th largest housing association in the UK. In 1998 4,500 properties are transferred from the London Borough of Bexley and in 2007 a merger with Thanet Community Housing Association brings in a further 2,500 properties. Thanet Community HA, Orbit Bexley HA and Orbit HA stock in the south come together as Orbit South Housing Association.


Orbit Homes was established in 2009 with the aim to oversee new housebuilding, enable the development of homes for sale and to purchase land on the open market after milestone of 30,000 homes built in 2008.


Our Better Days programme is launched supporting customers beyond their residential needs, helping thousands of people find employment, improve the digital and money management skills and improve their overall wellbeing.


Our property portfolio grows to 40,000 homes as we celebrate 50 years in business. Customers join in the celebration at Briar Croft in Stratford-upon-Avon.


We launch our Happy, Healthy Starts report in conjunction with Child Poverty Action Group in the Houses of Parliament, supported by the APPG on Poverty. Our campaign seeks to identify practical ways for landlords to help tackle poverty for young people.