Ben Craig | Graduate – Q&A

21 Jan 2021

Where did you first hear about Orbit?

As a Stratford-upon-Avon resident, I have always been aware of Orbit as a company. However, it was only when I started searching for Graduate roles that I became fully aware of the organisation and their values. Just prior to the Easter break of my final year at University, I found an online advertisement for the IT Graduate role at Orbit. After researching the company further and learning about Orbit’s strong social purpose, I immediately applied for the role. Within a month, I had taken part in the assessment centre and accepted a job offer to become the first ever IT Graduate at Orbit.

What is it about Orbit that made you want to apply for the role? What makes Orbit unique? What did you enjoyed the most whilst working at Orbit?

When I applied for the role, I was enamoured with the company’s slogan: “We lead in building thriving communities”. I have always been keen to work for an organisation that has a strong social purpose, so I submitted my application for the IT Graduate role without any hesitation. The Graduate Scheme itself has been the most enjoyable part of working for Orbit so far. This scheme allowed me to develop immensely from a personal perspective, as I was able to rotate throughout a range of different teams within IT. This not only enhanced my understanding of how IT departments operate in the real world, but also provided me with an opportunity to understand where my skills were best suited in this world!

Insight into some of the work produced

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that the business needed a new tool to facilitate this new digital way of working, communicating, and collaborating. Fortunately, IT leadership trusted me with the responsibility of leading the expedited rollout of Microsoft Teams here at Orbit. Whilst we are still in the early phases of adoption, the engagement has been fantastic and it’s a piece of work that I am very proud of. Watch this space!

Where are you now after the scheme?

Once I had successfully completed my two-year Graduate Scheme, I was offered the permanent position of Digital Workplace Analyst within the IT department. This was my dream job, as it amalgamates my enthusiasm for stakeholder engagement with my passion for technology. Ever since I accepted the job offer, I haven’t look back and have thoroughly enjoyed working with all the new and exciting technologies that IT hope to bring to the business.

What have you achieved personally or professionally including qualifications gained?

Orbit have provided me with the platform to excel both personally and professionally. Through the Graduate Scheme, I was able to complete a range of technical achievements by involving myself with challenges in areas such as Data Development, Software Development, and Software Testing. Furthermore, from a professional perspective, I was also given the opportunity to complete the first major milestone of my career, which was to develop and release my first application. This is something that you will see mounted on the reception desk at Garden Court!

In addition to the aforementioned personal and professional achievements, Orbit has also provided me with an opportunity to extend my academic achievements. Through their generous sponsorship, I have been able to complete a Level 7 Digital & Technology Solution Specialist Degree Apprenticeship at the University of Bath which, in turn, has considerably improved my technical ability.

Where do you see your longer-term career?

I am truly passionate about technology and I hope to continue working in this sector for a very long time.

Why do you like working at Orbit?

Since working here, I have never felt like a cog in a wheel. Instead, I genuinely believe and feel that I am an active participant in many of the decisions that get made in my sector.

Any recommendations for any future Apprentice/Graduate coming into business?

Say “yes” to absolutely every opportunity that comes your way. Starting a new role fresh out of School, College, or University can be a challenge, however, the more opportunities that you accept, the quicker you will develop. Even the most unassuming opportunities have the ability to elevate your personal brand, which is something you should never underestimate!

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