Q&A with Luke Glenn, Customer Service Advisor

We asked Luke Glenn to tell us more about what attracted him to joining Orbit and his aspirations for the future.

  • What is your current role and what does it entail/what are your responsibilities?

I am a Customer Service Advisor. My daily responsibilities include answering the phone to customers in order to raise repairs, and to chase up existing repairs.

  • What attracted you to joining Orbit and what was your first role?

This is my first role at Orbit, and my first role anywhere! I was attracted by the meeting I had with Sarah at the job centre where she gave the company a glowing review. I was also enticed by the information I found regarding Orbit being a housing association and the work they do in their communities.

  • How have you developed/progressed since joining?

My customer service skills have increased dramatically. I was originally petrified to take a call from a customer in any capacity, but now I feel confident handling any difficult situations. I also feel the role has improved my pragmatism, as it is a skill which must be utilised often in my position.

  • How has Orbit supported you to achieve your career goals and aspirations?

Orbit allowed me to take time out of work to complete a customer service NVQ level 2 qualification. So, Orbit actually paid me to study and gain qualifications! Alongside this, I have had the privilege to take part in a number of training courses including CV writing and difficult conversations training, which have helped my personal development and put me closer to my goals.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job/what makes you feel fulfilled or proud to work here?

It is definitely a fulfilling feeling to be able to help someone in any capacity. When I have a positive call and can provide a customer with useful information or I manage to get their query resolved, it is very satisfying knowing I have positively impacted another person’s life.

  • What are your goals for the future and do you feel that Orbit is an organisation that will help you get there?

My main goal for the future is to reach my full potential in life. I feel that by taking on everything that Orbit has to offer, by putting myself forward for any opportunities, and by dedicating 100% effort to my work, that I can ultimately achieve this goal with Orbit.