Record of success | Apprentices

26 Jan 2021

Today we would like to mark the achievements of our employees and our Apprentices who have successfully completed an Apprenticeship qualification over the past few months with one of our recognised training providers. A huge congratulations therefore goes to:

  • Ameen Malik – Assistant Accounting Level 3, Pass
  • Daniel Reeve – Accounts/Finance Assistant Level 2, passed with Distinction
  • Rebecca Jones – Housing & Property Management Standard Level 3, Pass
  • Zoe Shale – Assistant Accounting Level 3, Pass
  • Gurrajvir Singh – HNC Construction Site Supervision, Level 4, Pass
  • Danni Leadbetter – Housing & Property Management Level 3, passed with Distinction
  • Dean Willmore - Housing & Property Management Level 3, passed with Distinction
  • Lynsey Norris - Housing & Property Management Level 3, Pass
  • Laura Haines - Housing & Property Management Level 3, Pass
  • Christine Gainsford – Housing/Property Assistant Level 2, Pass

Did you know … Orbit pays into an Apprenticeship Levy?

Orbit pays into an Apprenticeship Levy which is a UK tax on employers which can be used to fund training which is classed as an Apprenticeship. In the current tax year the Levy is payable by all employers with an annual pay bill of more than £3 million at a rate of 0.5% of their total pay bill.

Did you know … we can use the Apprenticeship Levy not only to pay for training for our Apprentices but to also upskill existing employees?

Apprenticeships are also ideal for upskilling our existing employees who are looking to undertake a qualification. The apprenticeship must be linked to their current job role and be different to any qualification they already hold. It must also allow the employee to develop new skills.

Did you know … you can find apprenticeships in almost every career area?

A common mistake people make is to think that apprenticeships are only available in limited industries. People are aware of the traditional ones like construction, hair & beauty and plumbing, but there are actually so many different areas to choose from.

Did you know … there are different levels of apprenticeship?

Although there are a million different kinds of apprenticeship out there, it all breaks down into four basic levels:

  • Intermediate: Similar to studying for up to 5 GCSEs.
  • Advanced: Similar to studying for 2 A levels.
  • Higher: Similar to taking a level 4 NVQ, Higher National Diploma or Foundation Degree.
  • Degree: Similar to taking a Bachelor's or Master's degree.

Did you know … the qualifications you need to apply for an apprenticeship?

Although this will largely depend on the level of apprenticeship you'd like to do and also very much dependent on the course you want to apply for, there are in many apprenticeships, the same qualifications which you will need. For example:

  • For an Intermediate Apprenticeship, you might not need any formal qualifications but you will need to have "functional skills qualifications" in at least English and Maths. These are a bit like GCSEs, and if you don't already have them you can get them as part of your apprenticeship training. If you already have a C or above in GCSE Maths and English you won’t need to do this.

  • For an Advanced Apprenticeship, you will normally need to have completed an intermediate apprenticeship, or have around 5 GCSEs at A*-C.

  • For a Higher and Degree Apprenticeship, you’ll either need to have done an advanced apprenticeship already, or have a couple of A-levels passes or a level 3 NVQ.

So good luck to the following employees who are still studying towards, or have recently embarked on an Apprenticeship:

Paulbinder Sahota, Thomas Barber, Charles Nicholson, Valentin Valev, Guy Grant, Kirsty Rudd, Kai Faulkner, Callum Moran, Faith Bennett, Simon Ozolins, Lamorna Ball, Maya Andrew, Thomas Green, Ben Craig, Annie Walsh, Sinead Fitzpatrick, James McCulloch, Sukhjinder Kalar, Daniel Hancox, Sarah Jane Cherry, Chelsea Jones, Kelly Reynolds, Hannah Tomecek, Lauren Hayes, Amelia Tawana, Charlotte Wade, Danny O’Dwyer, Barry Purdon, Matthew Day, Satinder Dhaliwal, Steven Bowell, Joey Fu, Rebecca Dillow, Zoe Shale, Catherine Mays, Steph Hawkes.

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