Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services directorate is at the heart of our robust risk and compliance approach which ensures our business operates safely and to the very highest standards.

Roles include:

  • Health & Safety | Facilities | Information Governance | Audit & Risk | Procurement | Data & Analytics | Environmental & Sustainability | Policy & Standards | IT Service Delivery | IT Solutions & Architecture | IT Product Management | IT Security Management | Governance & Compliance

At Orbit, we believe in people. It’s the role of our Corporate Services team to empower our front-line colleagues to deliver their best as they create thousands of new homes, maintain thousands more, and deliver services that help communities thrive. In short, we offer truly responsive support.

Whether we’re evolving leading IT systems, providing vital Health and Safety advice, or working to improve our business facilities for the benefit of our colleagues and our customers alike, we’re at the heart of delivering change and protecting standards. We believe strongly in putting people in control of their own future, which means that we work closely with those in the front line to make sure we’re shaping all of our services based on what our customers are telling us they need.

Creating profit for a purpose is central to Orbit’s ethos, with every penny of profit reinvested in new homes and community services. Which means that our work on delivering more effective procurement in every sphere is vital. In addition, we also supply the wider risk and compliance support that ensures our business operates safely and to the very highest standards in every sphere.

Business Assurance

As an organisation that constructs and maintains houses which tens of thousands of people live in, and provides services to communities across the country, it’s vital that we operate to the very highest standards.

In the Business Assurance team, we empower our colleagues on the operational side of the business to serve their customers in a safe, compliant and innovative way. To ensure this happens, we deliver a broad range of creative solutions, particularly in the digital sphere. At Orbit, we believe offering our people personal and professional development is key to releasing their potential and ours, so we do just that, with plenty of opportunities for you to learn and grow.

Business Services

At Orbit we have faith in our people – and our customers. That’s why we put their voices at the very heart of our activities here in Business Services. We use their insights and experience to develop our future plans and strategies. The result? Innovations and improvements that lead the way in our sector, delivering more high-quality, affordable homes for people from all walks of life, and more services that empower people and communities. The collaborative approach doesn’t stop there. We work hand-in-hand with the widest range of external organisations from industry bodies to the Government to drive progress. All of which (along with our training opportunities) make this a great place to learn, develop and innovate.

Corporate Services Directorate

The role of Corporate Services is to support our colleagues to deliver the best services to our customers, maintain existing homes and build new homes. We do this by making sure that corporate services understand the needs of and are responsive to our front line colleagues in the support they require in order for the Group to deliver its objectives.

This is through the provision of a range of services which include leading edge/reliable IT, great H&S advice, business improvement facilitation and making sure our offices are functional and available when they are required. Many services add real value through enabling Orbit to undertake more effective procurment and work with our front line to make sure that we shape our services based on what our customers tell us. In addition, Corporate Services provide wider risk and compliance support to ensure that the business operates safely and maintains the highest levels of governance.

IT & Transformation

We use the latest technology and data driven insight to empower our colleagues to deliver more for our customers. Right now, we’re transforming how Orbit works through our IT enabled business change programme, Apollo. As well as delivering Microsoft Dynamics ERP Platform (a new collaboration platform based on Microsoft Teams) we’ll also be rolling out Windows 10 and Office365.

In addition to investing in technology to make us a more innovative and flexible place to work, we’ll invest in you, too. We provide training that ensures you have the right technical skills to innovate through technology and the right soft skills to build the strong working relationships across Orbit that ensure those innovations are really delivering for our customers and our people. What’s more, we’ve also created the sort of flexible working environment that will help you thrive.