Customer service

This is customer service with a difference. Since 2013, we’ve delivered financial, wellbeing and employment advice to 30,000 people, helped 800 more back into work and welcomed thousands of families into a new home. We’re innovating at every turn – from our sector-leading tenancy apps, to the joined-up thinking that’s allowing us to start tackling deep-seated issues like social isolation and child poverty.

Together, we’ve developed a Customer Promise that will help us keep on improving our services. And we’re determined to keep our promises, placing our customers at the heart of what we do, and investing in communities to make great places to live. Join us, and you’ll have the chance to develop in a rapidly-growing team that will be supporting over 150,000 customers by 2030. At Orbit, we’ll empower you to achieve your ambitions, whilst you support others to achieve theirs.

Meet Tash from our Voids team

The Customer Hub

With 100,000 customers our buzzing call centre aims to sort out 80% of our customers queries right there and then. Being easy to contact, and quick to resolve queries are vital parts of our Customer Promise, you see. That’s why we have moved into our brand new Customer Hub that will make access to us even quicker, enjoy sector leading technology and ensure our service is of even better quality.

Setting up first tenancies, sorting out gas connections, dealing with repair requests, or ironing out complaints - we do it all here. (And we’re proud that our customer’s report an 84% satisfaction rate from the services we deliver.) There are lots of opportunities to learn, and to develop your career in a particular area of customer service, from income teams, to community services.


Our lettings team isn’t just about getting the right people into the right homes. (Although, with 43,000 homes, and 2,000 more being built every year, this is a big part of the role.) We want to make sure that our customers  have the support and advice they need to stay in that home. It’s an approach with a win/win outcome. It delivers sustainable tenancies, where people have the chance to thrive, and Orbit can create the profits that allow us to reinvest nearly £4 million back into the community every year.  Using sector leading digital tools, we’re developing a whole new tenancy model that empowers our people and our customers to do more.

Tenancy Sustainment

To thrive, people need stable, secure, high-quality housing. Our Tenancy Sustainment team is made up of coaches that help make sure tenants have the advice and support they need to make a success of their tenancy. It’s all part of our Customer Promise to place community at our heart. Our teams of money, tenancy and employment coaches work with our customers to create a bespoke action plan – so that everything from financial affairs to wellbeing receives a boost. It’s an innovative approach that’s leading the way in the housing sector – and it’s highly rewarding work.

Income team

We have some £181 million in revenue coming in. Our income team help manage it efficiently, so we can reinvest every penny of our profit into building new homes and improving our services. It’s a varied role, dealing with everyone from the DWP to tenants and local councils. Innovation is at the heart of what we do here at Orbit. From online that help tenants manage their finances, to working to make the transition to Universal Credit as smooth as possible, we’re always thinking ahead

Independent Living

We have some 3,000 independent living properties to help people get the most out of life. We offer our customers purpose-built apartments with access to a range of communal facilities, as well as extra support where it’s needed. It’s all part of our aim to provide exactly the right types of housing to the right types of people. That way, we can keep our Customer Promise to provide excellent services and good value, high-quality homes.

Tenancy Services

Working across all regions, we help to tackle everything from anti-social behaviour to tenancy fraud. Our response team deals with day-to-day issues, from welcoming new tenants to sorting out abandoned vehicles. Together, we’re driven to protect the safety and equality of the people who live in our communities, improving the environment they live in, and helping them to thrive.

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Rosie Ward - Graduate Tenancy Services Officer