Customer Services

Our Customer and Communities team look after our homes and our customers.

Roles include:

  • Customer Support | Customer Relations | Lettings | Tenancy Management | Rent Compliance | Customer Engagement | Community Placemaking | Customer Communications | Independent Living |Supported Housing Management | Property Improvement | Property Repairs | Estates Management | Building Safety | Customer Safety

This is customer service with a difference. Since 2013, we’ve not only looked after 45,000 homes - we’ve delivered financial, wellbeing and employment advice to 30,000 customers, helped 800 more back into work and welcomed thousands of families into a new home. We’re innovating at every turn – from our sector-leading tenancy apps, to the joined-up thinking in tackling deep-seated issues like social isolation and child poverty. You see, we believe that if you empower our people with the right tools and environment, they can help our customers to achieve great things.

Together, we’ve developed a Customer Promise that helps us keep on improving our services. And we’re determined to keep those promises, placing our customers at the heart of what we do, investing in communities to make great places to live. Join us, and you’ll have the chance to develop in a rapidly growing team that will be supporting over 150,000 customers by 2030. At Orbit, we’ll empower you to achieve your ambitions, whilst you empower others to achieve theirs.


Our Lettings team isn’t just about getting the right people into the right homes. We want to make sure that our customers  have the support and advice they need to stay in that home. It’s an approach with a win/win outcome. It delivers sustainable tenancies, where people have the chance to thrive, and Orbit can create the profits that allow us to reinvest nearly £5 million back into the community every year.  Using sector leading digital tools, we’re developing a whole new tenancy model that empowers our people and our customers to do more.

Tenancy Sustainment

To thrive, people need stable, secure, high-quality housing. Our Tenancy Sustainment team is made up of coaches that help make sure tenants have the advice and support they need to make a success of their tenancy. It’s all part of our Customer Promise to place community at our heart. Our teams of money, tenancy and employment coaches work with our customers to create a bespoke action plan – so that everything from financial affairs to wellbeing receives a boost. It’s an innovative approach that’s leading the way in the housing sector – and it’s highly rewarding work.

Income Team

Our Income Team helps manage our revenue efficiently, so we can reinvest every penny of our profit into building new homes and improving our services. It’s a varied role, dealing with everyone from the DWP to tenants and local councils. Innovation is at the heart of what we do here at Orbit. From online that help tenants manage their finances, to working to make the transition to Universal Credit as smooth as possible, we’re always thinking ahead.

Independent Living

We have some 3,000 independent living properties to help people get the most out of life. We offer our customers purpose-built apartments with access to a range of communal facilities, as well as extra support where it’s needed. It’s all part of our aim to provide exactly the right types of housing to the right types of people. That way, we can keep our Customer Promise to provide excellent services and good value, high-quality homes.

Tenancy Services

Working across all regions, we help to tackle everything from anti-social behaviour to tenancy fraud. Our response team deals with day-to-day issues, from welcoming new tenants to sorting out abandoned vehicles. Together, we’re driven to protect the safety and equality of the people who live in our communities, improving the environment they live in, and helping them to thrive.

Property Services

It takes an exceptional person to work in a place that strives for excellence, demands courage and pushes boundaries to get the right service for our customers. Is that you? Property Services is an integral part of who Orbit is and what it delivers. Take a look below and judge for yourself.

A multi award winning department we look after 45,000 homes and ensure we have safe, green, great places to live. We consist of over 160 staff across a geography covering Midlands, South and East of the UK. With over 100,000 residents living in our properties we manage a network of direct delivering staff and contractors that deliver over 120,000 repairs, 50,000 servicing checks and deliver £40m of investment into our homes every year.

To do this successfully Property Services consist of four main areas;

Responsive Repairs is responsible for the delivery of Orbit’s day to day repairs, gas heating and  void refurbishment  service.  Our aim is to safeguard our properties, care for our customers' homes and develop a cost-conscious culture where we provide quality with value for money. Therefore creating homes and communities everyone can be proud of.

Estates Services looks after our green spaces and communal areas. An fundamental basis our of offer ensures we deliver clean and green areas for all to enjoy and love. We adopt a blended approach to service delivery with directly employed cleaners and gardeners supported by external contractors. We are committed to improving the environmental surroundings and appearance  within the communities where we work which helps with the wellbeing of our customers.

Customer Safety is  responsible for helping manage our properties and surroundings to make sure they are safe for all, customers, staff and contractors. Innovate and multi award winning we take pride in what we do and how we do it, for us the safety and wellbeing of our customers is paramount and we want to ensure we can lead the way and help the sector put customers first.

Capital Delivery carries out planned improvements to our customers' homes. High value and high volume ensures this is a fast pace, complex delivery programme. These works include new bathrooms, kitchens, windows, doors, heating, roofs redecoration and much more. Our team ensures the look and feel of our customers’ homes so something they can be proud of enabling them to have a great place to live and communities in which they can belong.

At the core of our services is our fantastic staff, without whom we couldn’t achieve these fantastic results. We ensure each member of staff has regular communications with their manager, team and senior managers we also ensure a bespoke development that helps them achieve their goals and become experts in their field. To us you’re the most important thing, so if you like a high energy, innovate, competitive team then look no further a role in Property Services is for you.

Strategic Asset Management

At Orbit, we believe people deserve high-quality, affordable homes that they love to live in – whether they’re buying or renting. In the Strategic Asset Management team, our data driven analytics and innovative thinking help us discover how, where, and when our investment strategy can deliver on this vision for hundreds of thousands of customers across the UK. Then we help create the plans for Orbit to deliver thriving communities that really buzz.

With 45,000 properties already, and a new funding package of £129 million from Homes England, the scale and ambition of our plans make this the place to drive change.

We have designers looking at our standards; surveyors building our strategic land business, portfolio managers building and shaping our 45,000 assets together with data experts and building surveyors. Whatever your skillset, we’ll believe in your abilities and invest in your future.