Coronavirus Update

We continue to focus on the priorities of customer safety, protecting employees and business resilience. Please read here for our latest position. For customer information, please visit our dedicated coronavirus webpage.

Orbit coronavirus update

26 February 2021

Following the Government’s announcement of a four-step plan for the easing of lockdown restrictions, we continue to strictly adhere to all safety guidance and our response to COVID-19 remains a focus on customer and employee safety, whilst ensuring the delivery of services for our customers.

Since the outbreak we have quickly established agile working across our offices and most teams remain home-based. Our construction sites, call centre, maintenance, repairs and lettings services continue to operate, all in line with Government safety guidance. Sales offices remain open for pre-booked appointments only and our independent living schemes remain subject to additional controls regarding visitors, with plans in place to ease restrictions in line with Government guidance.

We continue to provide extra support to our customers in addition to our money advice, employment and skills programme, and have conducted wellbeing calls with our most vulnerable customers to ensure they are linked into local services or able to access the support they need directly from us through our Better Days service.

Our social and environmental responsibility programme, and our excellent relationships with local partners, means that we continue to support the community response effort directly, and have contributed almost £50,000 to support foodbank efforts to supply vulnerable and low-income households, alongside providing over £150,000 of COVID-19 resilience grants for local charities so that they can continue to operate.

We remain in a strong financial position with a healthy balance sheet and retain good working relationships with our long-term investor partners.

As the lockdown restrictions ease and the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, we will adapt our operations to follow all Government guidance.  Our focus on customer safety, protecting employees and business resilience will remain.

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