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We continue to focus on the priorities of customer safety, protecting employees and business resilience. Please read here for our latest position. For customer information, please visit our dedicated coronavirus webpage.

We believe everyone is entitled to a good quality home that they can afford in a place where they are proud to live. To achieve this, we are working to create a better society, building affordable homes and communities, and doing so in more socially responsible and sustainable ways, lessening the impact we have on our environment and collaborating with others to deliver these outcomes.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy provides the business with a formal and measurable structure to deliver this commitment to create a better society, enabling us to deliver improved performance that is consistent with our mission and vision.

ESG issues are embedded into our decision-making at all levels. Our actions on issues are measured, benchmarked, monitored in alignment with ISO14001, and their performance reported to the management teams and Orbit’s Board. Orbit’s ESG strategy is a core aspect of the Group’s overarching Orbit 2025 Strategy and its delivery will be organised into the four themes:

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Customers & communities



The environment

We support our customers and communities to thrive

We are committed to building and maintaining thriving communities. By investing in local communities, delivering much-needed affordable homes, supporting our customers to develop the skills to get back into work or to manage personal finances, we strive to make a difference.

We aim to improve the communities in which we work by building safe and sustainable living environments that make a positive contribution to the health, happiness and wellbeing of our customers.

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We enable our people to maximise their potential

We believe everyone should be able to maximise their potential, to make a real difference and to do so in a safe, supporting and respectful environment.

We aim to provide all our people with the support and training necessary for personal and professional development. We actively encourage greater diversity and inclusion across the organisation and provide opportunities for all employees to give time to supporting our customers and communities.

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We create partnerships for good

We believe in good business, in supporting social enterprise partnerships, working with likeminded organisations and supporting our supply partners in the pursuit of their ESG goals. We believe that through partnerships with all our stakeholders, we can support society and the environment.

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We have a responsibility to protect our planet

We will adapt to a changing climate, whilst actively enhancing our environment, creating and improving places and spaces for communities to thrive. Our objectives are to achieve net zero carbon emissions, enhance our green spaces to improve their quality and biodiversity, and to develop responsible partnerships to develop and manage a sustainable supply chain.

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“Tackling climate change is probably the biggest challenge the world faces. UK social landlords have a fundamental role to play in reducing the environmental impact that arises from building and maintaining homes. To do this takes strong partnerships with government, the supply chain, residents and funders.”

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