Our objectives

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. It’s for them that we build and maintain high quality homes, build thriving communities, and work to improve the quality of the environment for current and future generations.

Our Sustainability Strategy has three customer-focused objectives:

Customer Engagement

Customer Support

Customer Impact

Working with our customers to shape our services.

Supporting our customers to maintain their tenancy and fulfil their potential.

Delivering social value to our customers and communities.

Customer Engagement

Our Customer Engagement Strategy, Your Voice, is focused on collaboration and co-creation with customers to shape our services and on the issues which matter to them, it is based on three core programmes:

  • Individual Engagement - Providing individual feedback on the services customers receive
  • Local Engagement - Providing opportunities for customers to influence their neighbourhoods, schemes, and communities
  • Strategic Engagement - Helping to co-create our plans and strategic priorities

Our targets are to engage with 1,000 customers across strategic 'Your Voice' activities by 2025, ensuring we implement 90 improvements from their suggestions.

To ensure our Engaged Customer Group represents all members of our customer community we are piloting new approaches to attract and retain those who are currently underrepresented, and have launched our 'Principles for Engagement', which clearly outlines what customers can expect by taking part.

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Customer Support

We aim to support our customers to maintain their tenancies and fulfil their potential by helping to remove barriers that might be created by worklessness, debt, poor mental health, or other social and economic issues.

Delivered through our Better Days programme, our customer support interventions include universal services, which are available to every customer and designed to support financial inclusion, mental wellbeing, employment and skills, and digital support.

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Customer Impact

We are working to deliver £100 million in social value for our customers and communities by 2025.

During 2022/23 we generated a social value of £19.2 million. As part of this our tenancy sustainment team supported 312 Customers into employment or volunteering and 1,027 customers supported into training. This generated a total of £2.5 million in social value for our customers over the 12 month period.

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