For over 50 years we've been a force for positive change; leading in building thriving communities and believing that everyone is entitled to a good quality home that they can afford, in a place that they are proud to live.

We invest over £5 million each year in our communities to make a positive difference in people's lives, and are driven to be a great place to work where our colleagues can grow and succeed. This is our purpose. This is #OurWhy.

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Our values

Invest – We are passionate about making profit for a purpose. The things which change people’s lives are the focus of our investments; and sharing our experience and knowledge with each other is the key to our success. This helps ensure Orbit delivers on its ambition to have fantastic people, quality homes and great communities and to make every day a better day.

Driven – We are dynamic and performance focused, and fully committed to delivering Orbit’s vision. We work together to achieve our goals and to improve products, services, and processes. We are prepared to be bold and try something new, and we celebrate our progress as we achieve success.

Innovative – We always take the opportunity to improve and learn. We enjoy working together to solve problems. Being passionate about providing added value to our customers means we will naturally explore to understand what great looks like. We value the knowledge, skills, ideas and capabilities our people bring to Orbit, and together we will create inspirational teams committed to being the best.

Responsible – We care about the safety, equality and prosperity of our people, communities and our environment. Our employees are dedicated to our common purpose and take accountability for the delivery of their part in our overall mission. We evaluate the impact of our work; understand how to target our investments and think critically to improve, ensuring we make the right changes for the right reasons.

Achieving Together - We value the talents of every person and work together with passion, energy and strength to overcome challenges and achieve together.