For our customers, their home is the most important consideration, and it is our responsibility to provide this security for them. We want to improve the quality of our existing homes, and significantly improve our services for customers, creating a seamless, omnichannel experience that makes it easy for customers to contact us in a way that suits them.

At the same time, we need to make sure that we continue to build new homes to improve our portfolio and help ease the UK’s housing crisis, and with the increasing aging population, we need to explore ways to build and maintain homes that meet the needs of our customers throughout their lives.

Our 2030 Strategy is also supported by our Sustainability Strategy, which sets out how we will ensure everything we do maximises the positive social and environmental impacts we make. From becoming Net Zero Carbon in our own operations and delivering on the Wildlife Trusts’ 30x30 biodiversity target to protect our planet, to improving energy affordability for customers today, whilst also building energy efficient homes that meet the needs of the future.

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Our 2030 strategy

Maintaining good quality, safe and affordable homes that our customers love

Delivering new and regenerated homes to improve our portfolio and assist in tackling the housing crisis

Developing excellent customer services which support our equity, diversity and inclusion goals, and which take account of additional needs

Attracting, retaining and developing engaged colleagues who share our purpose

Making a positive difference to our customers and society