Apprentice Spotlight: meet Peter May, Marketing Assistant

Our Apprentice Spotlight feature shines the light on our amazing apprentices, sharing what they do and their experiences at Orbit so far.

Our Apprentice Spotlight feature shines the light on our amazing apprentices, sharing what they do and their experiences at Orbit so far.

Meet Peter May, Marketing Assistant who joined us in April 2017 and was offered a full time role in September 2018.

What does your job involve?

Day to day, I look after the Marketing inbox. This ranges from updating the Orbit Homes website and relevant portals, creating email marketing campaigns as well as general requests for marketing support.

I also support the team in creating and implementing monthly and quarterly campaigns to increase brand awareness, online traffic to our Orbit Homes website and overall engagement with our developments.

Why housing?

My previous job was at an accountancy firm, so moving into the housing sector felt like a different world. In my role, we are tasked with trying to be as creative and innovative as possible in a ‘slowing market’. Whilst it has been difficult, it has taught us to push our boundaries and move out of our comfort zone and try things we may never have done. The experience has been a great learning curve.

Most interesting part of your job?

The most interesting part of my job is the ever changing digital side of the marketing world. Whilst it has never been my area of expertise, the team has recently tried to be more digitally focused and this has encouraged me to learn new technical skills such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy and work with an agency on PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.  

Pet peeve about your job?

My pet peeve about my job is the tight turnaround times with such a busy inbox – I don’t want to let anyone down!

Top 3 things about working at Orbit?

1. This one’s easy, the team. They are mad but I wouldn’t have it any other way – they make the toughest days easy.

2. Agile working! It makes me feel supported knowing that if I have an emergency or just want to get my head down outside of the office, then I can just speak to my manager and work from home.

3. The freedom at Orbit is great. I feel I can go into any meeting and be free to share my viewpoint and it is valued by everyone in the room. It’s great, especially as a young professional to be heard and most importantly, be respected.

Your experience of an apprenticeship at Orbit?

My experience has been up and down with the apprenticeship scheme, to be totally honest as it can be tricky balancing a full time role and the college work. However, it has given me a great platform and has ultimately helped me to achieve a full time contract in a job I love, at a company I enjoy working for.

If you were Chief Exec for the day, what would you do?

I would get involved with as many different parts of the company as possible. I love working in marketing but there’s so many different functions at Orbit and I would be interested in seeing the whole picture. And, I’d definitely favour our Marketing and Communications team and take them to the Maldives for their away day because we work the hardest! Ha-ha!

Fun fact about you?

I’m a real boxing geek; it’s probably my only real interest. Ask me anything about boxing and I will more than likely be able to tell you.

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