Orbit awarded runners up at the EEM Building Communities Awards 2020

Orbit have been announced as runners-up at the EEM Building Communities Awards.

Orbit have been announced as runners-up at the EEM Building Communities Awards.

Orbit achieved second place in the Development Strategy of the Year category, for their ‘off-site construction’ pilot project.

Off-site housing construction is gathering momentum in the UK due to the forecast skill shortage and reduced margins on traditional house building. Constructing houses on production lines speeds up the house building process and allows for greater quality control. Volumetric homes are then transported and craned onto the appropriate plot.

Orbit’s Pilot Project was initiated to explore alternative solutions to traditionally built houses, to test the products, gauge customer reaction and monitor energy efficiency. We hope to acquire 20 modular homes for four small sites in Stratford-upon-Avon.

If the Modular Homes pilot is successful, Orbit will utilise the learnings to help determine its development pipeline and establish partnerships with preferred manufacturers.

Guy Dixon, Head of Portfolio Development at Orbit said: “We are delighted with this award outcome and have welcomed EEM’s support to identify suitable suppliers to participate in a ‘pilot’ project to enable Orbit to review different modular housing options.

“With the growth of MMC and modular housing options Orbit is keen to explore the benefits for its customers and identify future potential partners to procure at scale”

Orbit employees leading the project include: Lisa Poole (Procurement), Guy Dixon (SAM), Ted Pearce (SAM) and Kim Edwards (SAM).

The event was held at the Athena in Leicester on 28th February.

Other nominees for the Development Strategy of the Year category included Ashfield District Council and award winners, Citizen Housing.