First for the sector software offers Orbit customers fire safety advice at their fingertips

In a first for the sector, Orbit has launched brand new augmented reality digital safety tour, providing customers with the very latest fire safety advice.

The Home Fire Safety software has been sponsored by Orbit and developed by Firemark Education, a community interest company, which operates at the forefront of fire safety training using augmented reality.

The result is an interactive digital safety tour, which takes the audience through a typical virtual home, identifying potential hazards and highlighting the fire safety features which the customer can use to protect them and their families.

Paul Richards, Group Customer and Communities Director at Orbit, explained: “Quite simply this augmented reality safety tool has been designed to save lives. Keeping our customers safe in their homes is of paramount importance to us and is why we have sponsored Firemark Education to build this software. We pride ourselves on our customer safety record and feel strongly that we should do everything we can to support our customers to stay safe within their homes.

“The software has been made to be user-friendly, easy to understand and incorporates lots of helpful tips on how to stay safe, and when to let us know there may be a problem. The feedback we have received from our customers has been extremely positive.”

The tour starts by introducing you to our tour guide, Anaesh (who is actually an Orbit employee). Anaesh presents each room in the property and provides useful fire safety information.  Taking a room at a time, the viewer sees icons that highlight fire hazards, safety features and links to videos.  Each icon is provided either as a voiceover or as written content. 

Sir Ken Knight, Chair of the Independent Expert Advisory Panel for the MHCLG, commented Orbit Housing have always put resident safety and engagement at the top of its agenda and is continually seeking new solutions. The recent partnership with Firemark Education has delivered an augmented reality tool which provides interactive fire safety advice in a format that is innovative and user friendly. It’s a real industry leader.”

Mark Healy MBE. who established Firemark Education, added: “We are delighted to work with Orbit to develop an innovative new approach to fire safety in the home.

“Both Firemark Education and Orbit Housing believe that this is a must have educational tool for organisations to use and to advise their customers on the reality of fire safety in the home and beyond. And, as it is free at the point of use, it enables the fire safety message to be heard and seen far and wide.

“Firemark Education is a Community Interest Company that was established in 2014 with the aim of producing new and engaging forms of fire safety tools. Working with Orbit on this project has given us the opportunity to create interactive fire safety software which has made the most of our specialist visual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) skills.”

The software has already been accessed by over 29,000 customers.